Artist with two hands at a time

US Lawyer Colin Dark photographs with both hands at once (Photo: Odette Central)

New York: It's not possible for some people to write beyond the usual handwriting, but these days, an American artist has a rare discussion of photographs with both hands at the same time.

Symmetry can be seen in some of N's creations, that is, they make the two parts of the face equal, and then lift the two parts up and finish the picture.

On the one hand, it is the ability that has been enhanced after continuous practice, and now Cologne skillfully designs human, animal, and natural landscapes. These miniature paintings are nothing short of masterpieces because they are a difficult form of art that few people specialize in, called "Embi Dexterous Drawings."

Colin, 42, is a lawyer by profession, and painting is his obsession. He is also known as a Motivational Speaker. When he recently posted his creations on Instagram, people have been surprised at his abilities.

On his reputation, Colin has said that because of public appearances, he is making more art and he believes that creativity gives rise to more creativity. But now I'm painting with both hands.

Colin said he started painting at the age of five and is now an expert in it. He has created portraits of celebrities as well as historical characters as well as ordinary people.

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