The ozone sheet is restoring and changing the direction of ground winds

COLORADO: Scientists have said that the level of ozone that is causing concern to the world 20 years ago is now recovering rapidly. Now thanks to this, the winds of the earth are beginning to move in a new order.

Satellite simulation of satellite data and climate changes reveals that the ozone sheet over Antarctica is now filling up rapidly and has had a profound impact on air and air systems.

University of Colorado Boulder expert Antara Banerjee and colleagues have developed a model showing the positive effects of the ban on chemicals affecting the ozone layer in 1987. This layer, now shielded from particularly hazardous ultra-violet rays on the ground, is rapidly recovering.

But with this process, there has been a change in global air and air quality. Prior to 2000, the mid-latitude (Mid-Late Tude) airstrike was floating above the southern half of Kare, which is now slowly descending to the south pole. This system controls the direction and intensity of winds throughout the world. On the other hand, another jet stream, called Headley Cell, is spreading, causing hail, rain and tornadoes in the area.

Antara Banerjee said the two factors stopped immediately after the year 2000 and a slight inversion began. Although this may be the cause of the climate change, Banerjee says the change has been caused by restoring ozone.

Other experts have said that although there has been evidence of ozone levels improvement, this study has shown further implications. Experts say this research is important because it has exposed the effects of ozone on the air circulation system around the world.

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