Diamond Pearl Beauty Cream

Diamond Pearl Cosmetics (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the leading personal care products company in Pakistan. It was established in 2020 by Mr. Chaudhry Talha Gulzar (Chairman).

Diamond  Pearl Cosmetics is a trendsetter in the whitening and beauty creams market in Pakistan. It has developed its own unique formulations to meet the needs of the Pakistani consumer.


Since its individual establishment in 2020, Diamond Pearl Cosmetics has continued to grow through the love and support of our loyal and wonderful customers. We are always so grateful to our customers for their continued patronage. Today, Diamond Pearl Cosmetics is firmly established as the brand leader with its exclusive range of beauty & skin care products.

We at Diamond Pearl Cosmetics feel that using our theme “Beauty Forever” we can create skin care products that not only improve our customer’s personality but continue to create Beauty & Skin Caring culture in the society. As we look towards the future, we at Diamond Pearl Cosmetics will remain committed to bring the joy of beauty to more and more people in more and more ways.

“Diamond Pearl Cosmetics”

  Committed to Beauty

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